Whisperers – World premiere in Budapest

Budapest hosts a world premiere this December. The greats of horse training will be visiting Hungary for the first time together: Monty Roberts, legendary inspiration behind the film The Horse Whisperer, Lorenzo, who controls the surging herd on horseback, and Pignon, master of free horse training. All this and more in a spectacular equestrian show in the Papp László Budapest SportsArena.

Whisperers is the story of a wheelchair-bound young child whose sees the hussars on parade and on returning home dreams that he will ride with them one day. Through the realization of this young boy’s dream, the audience witnesses the different elements that go to make up horse training. Naturally, Monty Roberts, Lorenzo and Pignon assist in this part. The performance comprises two 50-minute acts, after which the audience can cheer the Budapest stage of the Carriage Driving World Cup known as the Formula 1 of equestrian sports.

Big-time horse show

A world premiere is born in the Papp László Budapest SportsArena on 1st and 2nd December 2018. This is the first time the world’s three most famous horse trainers appear together, in one production: Monty Roberts, the real Horse Whisperer, Lorenzo, the flying Frenchman, and Pignon, tamer of colts, present horse training techniques. The Whisperers tale is about a wheelchair-bound young boy who dreams that one day, he will ride horses. In the show, through the realization of the child’s dream we glimpse the mysteries of gentle horse training. Members of the National Ceremonial Equestrian Unit also make a guest appearance.


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