A world premiere is born in the Papp László Budapest SportsArena on 1st and 2nd December 2018. This is the first time the world’s three most famous horse trainers appear together, in one production: Monty Roberts, the real Horse Whisperer, Lorenzo, the flying Frenchman, and Pignon, tamer of colts, present horse training techniques. The Whisperers tale is about a wheelchair-bound young boy who dreams that one day, he will ride horses. In the show, through the realization of the child’s dream we glimpse the mysteries of gentle horse training. Members of the National Ceremonial Equestrian Unit also make a guest appearance.

Monty Roberts

At the age of 13, Monty Roberts studied communication between wild mustangs on the Nevada prairie. He observed the body communication they employed in various situations. He then went on to transplant this type of communication into human gestures, thereby creating a new linguistic form between horses and people. The Roberts family always dealt with horses, even in Monty’s childhood, although his father used the traditional, harsh methods, so that when Monty Roberts tried his self-developed techniques at home, he was severely punished.

Today, everyone knows the name of Monty Roberts and his Join-Up® horse training method. His purpose was to use gentle training to develop a harmonic relationship between horse and rider, where they become equals and where the person just has to ask and the horse responds. Monty Roberts himself has said that all he wants to do is leave the world a better place than he found it.

Proof of his success is that Queen Elizabeth II, who is highly regarded in equestrian circles, personally invited him to her estate in order to teach the special techniques he developed, and it was the queen who encouraged him to write a book about his experiences, thus was born the work The Man Who Listens to Horses. Since then he has written several others (Shy Boy – The Horse That Came In from the Wild; Horse Sense for People) and of course he was the inspiration for the iconic Robert Redford film, The Horse Whisperer. Monty Roberts travels the world to this day, teaching as many people as he can about his famed collaborative horse training technique and methods.


Lorenzo’s remarkable talents were evident even as a child. Unlike his friends, he did not sit on a horse in the traditional way. He became famous at a relatively early age, with his first display coming when aged only 8, since when the offers have flooded in. He started travelling around the world when in his teens, so it is no wonder that today, virtually everyone is familiar with his name.

Dynamism, impetus and freedom are core elements of the performances staged by Lorenzo. His nickname of ‘The Flying Frenchman’ is well deserved because his speciality is being able to control a surging herd while standing on the backs of two galloping horses, all the while jumping obstacles and moving into formations. In all this, he uses absolutely no equipment, no reins or saddle. By establishing an almost unbelievable harmony between man and horse, he can go through fire and water.

Naturally, in order to attain this level of rapport with his horses, he has had to put in a huge amount of work. He has studied the communication of horses and really gets inside their minds. But the effort has been worth it since his harmonic relationship with horses is a marvel to witness.


Pignon’s life changed fundamentally when his father bought the one-year-old mare Gazelle. The boy quickly fell in love with the pony and they spent almost all their time together. The relationship between the pony and the young boy was so remarkable that sometimes Gazelle accompanied him to school.

Perhaps it is precisely because he developed such a close relationship with his first horse that Pignon started to develop a technique the essence of which was the training of horses in a gentle way based on their own form of communication. At first, he and his brother held shows, initially in a circus format with acrobatics. Naturally, their first horse Gazelle was their constant companion in this, then her foal, Salsa, as well. News of these displays spread fast and they started receiving invitations to put on demonstrations all over the world. After a while the two brothers split up but they have been equally successful individually.

Since then, Jean-François Pignon has travelled the globe, showing how it is possible to establish a remarkable level of communication with horses in training situations, so that in the end ever more people can find harmony with their hoofed friends.

National Ceremonial Equestrian Unit

Preservation of equestrian traditions features large in the culture of the Hungarian nation. In the course of our history going back several thousand years, the leaders of the country always maintained equestrian regiments, initially princely, then later on royal guards. Today, the National Ceremonial Equestrian Unit of the Republic of Hungary fulfils this function for the Hungarian state.

The main duties of the mounted unit are to act as ceremonial guards at national celebrations and through their presence to proclaim the importance of the equestrian tradition. A key objective is to cultivate the traditions of Hungarian hussars, and their costumes also evoke the uniforms worn by the hussar regiments. The hussars of the National Ceremonial Equestrian Unit are all expert riders and honourable patriots, who have not forgotten Hungarian traditions and feel it is their duty to preserve the memory of the great hussars of old.